Wisemec Indestructible RDA Review

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The Wisemec Indestructible RDA is the result of a collaboration between Wisemec and Jaybo Designs. It is a small-sized atty that can be used with different coil builds. Not only does the Indestructible RDA come with the usual air flow hole on its middle section, but it also has an air flow system on its top cap. This tells you that the RDA was made to produce mega clouds. You can tell that the Wisemec Indestructible was designed by experienced vapers because it is packed with many useful features that are lacking on other RDAs.

The Wisemec Indestructible RDA is made of 303 stainless steel which means it is very durable. The dimensions of the RDA are 36mm by 22mm. Under the atty, you will find a 510 threading with a gold-plated pin for attaching it to your mod. The 510 pin is non-adjustable but the fact that it is gold-plated guarantees excellent connectivity.

The top cap of the Indestructible RDA has an innovative design. First, it is fitted with a wide bore drip tip which is non-removable. The 10mm drip tip, which is made of stainless steel, is actually attached to the top cap. To prevent the drip tip from getting heated when you are chain vaping, it is fitted with heat sinks. While it would have been nice to be able to use a different drip tip on this RDA, this is not a major issue since the drip tip it comes with is not bad.

On both sides of the top cap, you will find four 3mm wide air flow holes. This design is called the Airflow Washer. You can adjust the air flow that you are getting by simply turning the top cap of the RDA. There are multiple air flow holes on the barrel of the Indestructible RDA. Unfortunately, these air holes are non-adjustable. However, Wisemec allows you to choose between a single or double coil air flow setting. Overall, the air flow of this RDA is not too tight or too airy. Obviously, it is suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping but, despite is non-adjustable barrel air flow, you can sense a certain level of restrictiveness in the draw.

The Wisemec Indestructible RDA has a wide triple post build deck with a large, cyclop-style center post. Instead of the usual post holes, the negative posts on the build deck of this RDA use clamps. You can use different coil builds on this deck. While the negative posts feature Phillips screws, the center post comes with two hex screws. It is very easy to tighten the screws in place. Regardless of the size of the coil you are using, there is enough room for you to maneuver. You can choose to use a single or double coil build on this RDA. Under the deck, there is an e-juice well that ensures your wicking material gets really soaked. The deck is fitted with PEEK insulation to prevent the entire atty from getting overheated.

The positive points of the Wisemec Indestructible RDA include its multiple air flow design which makes it suitable for cloud chasers. You may be stunned by the size of the clouds that this tiny tank can create. On the negative side, the drip tip tends to get heated when you are chain vaping although it comes with heat sinks that are supposed to prevent this. However, this is not a major design flaw.

Like other RDAs with a short profile, the flavor that you get from vaping with the Wisemec Indestructible RDA is incredible. Also, the cloud production is also on point. You can get this RDA on Vape Fu for only $29.99.

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