Review of Nano V4 Vaporizer by Micro Vaped

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The Nano V4 is the fourth iteration in Micro Vaped’s Nano vape pen series. This luxury vaporizer is made to look exactly like a vape pen. You can put it on your desk at work, and no one would know it is a vaporizer. This makes the Nano V4 perfect for stealth vaping. The device can only be used for vaporizing oils and wax. It comes with some advanced features and a cheap price tag. If you are looking for a portable device that allows you to control your vaping experience, check this one out. Let us take a closer look at this device.


The Micro Vaped Nano V4 looks just like a pen. It measures about 4.5 inches in length, and it is not bulky. It even has a pen clip that you use to fit the device in your pocket. This vaporizer is composed of three main parts; the battery, the atomizer section, and the mouthpiece. The writing tip of the device is the mouthpiece. You can choose to replace the top cap with the skillet attachment that is included in the package.

It is easy to use the Nano V4, and the device feels comfortable in hand. You can take the device apart and reassemble the components without any hassle. This means that you will not struggle to clean it.

Easy to Use

The Micro Vaped Nano V4 does not have any LCD screen like some of its predecessors. There is only one button on the device which you can use to turn it on/off, change the temperature, and activate the heating elements.

Temperature Control

Press the power button fives times quickly to turn the device on. A light will flash around the button when it comes on. You need to press the button three times in quick succession to change the temperature. You can choose from six different temperature levels for this device. A light will flash around the power button when you change the temp. Each temperature level is represented with a different color of light. Turquoise stands for 360 degrees Fahrenheit, blue is 380 degrees Fahrenheit, green is 390 degrees Fahrenheit, purple is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, yellow is 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and red is 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes only 30 seconds for the device to heat up regardless of the temperature level that you select.


The Micro Vaped Nano V4 has dual Gr2 titanium coils with quartz rods and a quartz chamber. The use of titanium and quartz for the heating chamber of this device guarantees that it will give you a rich flavor. You will not get any burnt taste from this device regardless of the temperature level that you select.

The atomizer of this device is not very large, but you will not have any problems loading your oils or concentrate into it. It can hold only a small amount of oil or concentrate at a time.

Battery Life

The Nano V4 has a lithium-ion battery. Considering its puny size, the battery life of this device is quite impressive. You can get up to 10 sessions from the device when the battery is fully charged. The LED light around the power button will blink rapidly to indicate when the battery life is running out. The device comes with a USB cable and an AC wall adapter. The charger is connected to the device using a 510 threading. This Micro Vaped pen supports pass-through so you can continue vaping even while the device is charging.

You can fit the battery of the Nano V4 on the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Vaporizer. There is a one year warranty on the battery of this vape pen.


The Micro Vaped Nano V4 has some safety features like 30-second auto shut-off. You can also lock the power button to avoid accidentally firing it.


The Micro Vaped Nano V4 is available on just about any top vape store. This device is typically sold for about $60, but you can get it on Ejuice for only $51.59.


  • Stylish and portable design.
  • Great flavor.
  • Variable temperature.
  • Dual quartz coil atomizer.
  • Pass-through technology.


  • The atomizer cannot hold a lot of oil or concentrate, so you have to reload from time-to-time.
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