Naked 100 Berry Lush E-Juice Review

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When we mention Naked 100, I believe the name will ring a bell to both new and old vapers alike. This brand is well-known in the international market, especially in the United States. Its lineup consists of fruity blends to give its consumers a unique and interesting tropical delight. The company has a wide array of e-juice flavors to choose from, but today, I am reviewing about Berry Lush e-juice.

“Another flavor in Naked 100’s cream line, Berry Lush brings together the tart and sweet flavors of pineapple and the sweet flavor of ripe strawberries mixed with a light cream blend. The resulting mixture is pineapple strawberry smoothie in vape form.”

If you are a Naked 100 fan and have tried a lot of its flavors, then you would probably notice how this vape juice closely resembles the overall taste of Lava Flow. The instant you open this bottle, notes of a strong pineapple flavor will fill your nostrils. This will then be followed by the sweet and ripe scent of strawberries.

The same flavors and sequence appear when you vape this blend. Your taste buds will first welcome the crisp and tart pineapple taste followed by the strawberries. Then, rich, creamy notes appear, giving this vape juice some depth and body.

Berry Lush e-juice will perfectly sit well with vapers who love fruit and custard flavors. You will enjoy the sweet and carbonated sensation brought by the strawberries with a splendid base of creamy milk to make this vape liquid an irresistibly delicious fruity cream flavor.

This vape juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30 percent. Thanks to its high vegetable glycerin content, you can expect major cloud production but at the same time the right amount of Berry Lush flavor. Cloud chasers will be delighted by the large and puffy clouds this produces, and that is for sure. It is recommended that you vape this e-juice using a high-powered device.

There are three nicotine concentration levels available for this blend. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. I used the 3 mg level for this review. Although creamy, vaping this e-juice feels light on the throat. It does not have any harshness to it. Since this vape juice is more on the sweet side, I suggest you drink water from time to time to prevent mouth or throat drying. I did not experience any burning sensations or fits of coughing and spluttering by far.

Vapers who do not want to use nicotine can purchase the 0 mg level. Meanwhile, those looking for an extra nicotine kick should get the 6 mg level. Both the 3 mg and 6 mg version have a nice nicotine kick that is not too harsh on the throat.

Just like all the other Naked 100 vape juices, Berry Lush e-liquid comes with a minimalistic yet elegant packaging design. The center part of the label contains important product information such as the brand name, flavor name, VG/PG ratio, size, and nicotine level. The right side displays symbols of the flavor components, while the left side has all the warnings and other data including a batch number and expiration date. The vape juice comes in a 60-mL glass bottle with a child-proof dropper cap. The dropper cap makes it convenient for you to transfer the vape juice to your tanks or dripper.

Naked 100 uses the finest ingredients out there to create its e-liquids. You can grab a bottle of Berry Lush vape liquid by Naked 100 for as low $19.99 only at Smoking Things.

Overall, Berry Lush vape liquid truly is a tropical fruit blend harnessed by the power of strawberries, pineapple, and rich cream. I can’t find any other e-juice that will take you on vacation to tropical euphoria. If I were to choose between Berry Lush and Lava Flow, I’d pick the former. For someone who has a sweet tooth, I prefer the creamy taste than the coconut flavor. The pineapples and strawberries tend to be neutralized when the cream is added.

I hope I have been of good help to you. Until our next vaping session. Happy vaping, people!

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