Humble Juice Co. Produces Reasonable Premium E-Juice

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Humble Juice Co is the company behind popular e-liquid flavors such as Donkey Kahn and Vape the Rainbow. Usually known as Humble, this unassuming company is an  American business privately creating their products in Los Angeles, California. They are identified as one of the leading vaping businesses that produce stellar e-liquids. Not only that, they offer this amazing vape liquid flavors at reasonable prices. They continue to innovate products for the market.

At present, they have three collections named Humble, Hustle, and Havoc e-Liquid. Each collection is focused on different market segments and different flavor profiles. The Humble collection has ten flavors with most flavors on the fruity and pastry blend. This is their self-titled collection and stands as their flagship one. The popular Donkey Kahn is from this collection along with Pee Wee Kiwi, Vape the Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, Berry Blow Doe, Smash Mouth, American Dream, Hop Scotch, Humble Crumble, and Unicorn Treats. The Humble collection has the mid-sized bottling with 120 ml sizes. The cost per bottle is only $24.99. On the other hand, the Hustle collection has six flavors. It includes Ambition, Checkmate, Dreamer, Pay Day, Jackpot, and The Grind. My favorite would have to be the Checkmate. It’s so smooth and rich with every inhale and exhale. The Hustle line is more on the creamy blends. This line has the smallest in sizing among the three collections at 60 ml and retails at $15.99. Lastly, the Havoc has four flavors. This is their gourmet flavor collection and the premier one among the three. It’s available in super-sized bottle (180 ml) at $33.99. The four flavors are Aftershock, Billions, Conspiracy, and Tsunami. Rating from 1-10 with the ten being the highest, Humble Juice’s e-juice would be a perfect ten. They always outdo themselves with every flavor.

For me, they have one of the best collection with the best e-juice. They are true to their mission in bringing the best flavors at affordable prices. Based on their website, they aim to produce quality products at realistic pricing. Humble Juice is selling to wholesalers and end users alike. They have special prices for re-sellers and good deals for by piece orders. Every so often, they do special deals on their products, so better watch out for it. But it doesn’t end there. Aside from these remarkable prices, they offer huge discounts considering they already offer free shipping for all U.S. orders above $19.99. I have only good words to say about this company.

Another thing to point out is their commendable support and after sales service that says so much about their products. My co-worker got his order wrong, and they replaced it without any questions asked. As for my own experience, their customer support was very efficient, courteous, and friendly. All their recommendations suit me so well. That is how I know they were actually taking note of my preferences. Having experienced dealing with Humble firsthand, I can now understand why they have made a good name in the vaping industry.

I have tried ordering online via their website, Their website is user-friendly and doesn’t need you to be tech savvy to be able to work through it. The website has an excellent user interface and clean look that makes navigating like a walk in the park. The titles and buttons are placed strategically. Also, there is much information about the company, their collection, and the products. It is not overwhelming and misleading. All were accurate based on the flavors I have tried. The overall experience was as smooth as their e-liquids. Everything is cohesive. Something I would praise is how fast and convenient they are. I left a message to check for their recommendations, and I got a prompt reply within 12 hours. Then, I placed my order and got it within two days. I think I have found my go-to company for my e-liquids.

For those searching for a reliable company, do try out Humble Juice Co. They have the best e-juice flavor, value for money prices, and impeccable service.

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