Dunk’d Premium E Liquid Review

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Remember those busy mornings when you literally just have to grab a doughnut and a cup of coffee to get you through the day? Now, imagine if both these treats are wrapped into a one and crafted into a premium e-liquid for you to vape on. Definitely sounds like a treat, right? Good, because I would like to share to you this new discovery of mine — the Dunk’d premium e-liquid from Dynamic Creations (click here). Let’s see how this baby will score.

In terms of packaging, this e-juice pretty has a simple presentation. It is stored in a clear bottle with a label that has a blue background and a black dropper cap. The images displayed basically explains what we can expect from the bottle itself — a doughnut dipped in a cup of coffee. The label also contains other relevant information such as the bottle size and the nicotine concentration level. I like its plain and simple approach, and most importantly, the neatness of how its data is presented.

Doughnut dipped in a cup of coffee… let’s see how this baby performs. The instance I opened the lid off the bottle, I was welcomed with the invigorating scent of coffee. (I love coffee in the morning!) The aroma also has that hint scent of chocolate cake doughnut. In all fairness, it really smells nice. But who doesn’t love the smell of coffee anyways?

Now let’s get our wick sweat. Although I said chocolate cake doughnut earlier, I tasted more of a bread-like doughnut on the inhale. I mean, it still is a doughnut minus the flavor and toppings. Meanwhile, on the exhale, it is almost like a coffee bean but there is some richness to it. The coffee flavor is not overwhelming, and it does not taste like pure black coffee. Seriously, I can’t get the right word off my tongue, but the taste is somewhere between milk and rich.

I have to praise the unique taste of this e-juice. I warn you this does not taste like the usual standard doughnut e-juices. This just stands out among the rest. All the profiles the company claim are true, and I can fairly attest to that.

Another thing I love about this e-juice is that it does not stain your wicks or gunk up your atomizers. It is also not overly sweet just like those instances when you cough out of too much sweetness. It is also not like the Splenda-type artificial sweetness, but something nicely and lightly rubbed. This e-juice is very smooth, no throat hit, and no nose burning at all. This is a perfect all-day vape, guaranteed!

This Dunk’d doughnut-flavored e-juice contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For such ratio, I have to admit it has pretty thick and very nice clouds; they are very dense and milky. The vegetable glycerin serves as a flavor and nicotine carrier; this is responsible for the e-juice’s vapor. The propylene glycol, on the other hand, is the basis for throat hit. The higher the propylene glycol content, the stronger the throat hit.

Even though everything is perfect, many vapers also take prices into consideration. As for the Dunk’d e-juice, I can say that this is worth the investment. For a price of only $24.99 for a 60-mL bottle, that is already a pretty great catch mate! Check our Dunk’d here.

Overall, this e-juice has a delicious flavor, outstanding vapor and cloud production, neat packaging, and affordable price. Now that’s an all-in-one package that is very hard to resist, isn’t it? This is suitable for vaping anytime of the day — during breaks or breakfast to just help you kick start your day. I give this Dunk’d e-juice a five-star rating. This isn’t just your ordinary doughnut plus coffee bottle, it is something uniquely crafted to outcompete others. I am definitely buying again and will be recommending this.

By the way, a big shout out to my girl pal who introduced me to this. We used to have coffee and doughnut breaks back in college, and this just reminded me of that good old days. She has been vaping it for quite some time already, and I guess I will be doing the same thing too. Absolutely delicious! Two thumbs up!

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