Cheap E-Juice Sour Strawberry E-Liquid Review

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While strawberries have been a household flavor in the vaping community, they are usually a difficult vape juice flavor to capture properly. What’s more, they come in different variations such strawberry pixy, strawberry shortcake, and strawberry taffy. Now, this is just based on Cheap E-Juice’s varied strawberry flavors, how much more if we list from other brands. But the Sour Strawberry flavor  from offers a unique sour punch to our usual sweet tasting cravings.

The instant you open the bottle the very sweet scent of strawberry with hints of some sour scent will fill the air. The smell is as good as it taste. This really reminds me of those sugar-coated sweet and sour belts I used to munch on as a kid. So here goes my review for the Sour Strawberry eliquid by Cheap E-Juice.

“Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice is a sour strawberry flavored e-juice that is absolutely satisfying and tastes like no other sour strawberry you have had before.”

The taste is undeniably delicious with a really strong strawberry candy flavor. Other than the belts, this also resembles like those candy lollipops you dipped into a sour powder. Remember those and the sweet and sour flavor it brings? That is basically how this tastes, although there is more sweetness than sour to this.

On the inhale, you will definitely not miss that sweet strawberry taste that is just so good with sour notes appearing at the end. However, that subtle sour flavor will be more prominent on the exhale. The balance between these two is just so impressive it will not leave your one eye squinting of sour. I love the kind of sweetness this ejuice has too. It tastes natural, unlike other brands that feels like you are vaping artificial sweeteners.

The eliquid has a good physical consistency. It is not too runny or sticky, ensuring that you will have a good clean coil regardless of several fill-ups. It has a ratio of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. Cloud chasers will surely love this blend as it not only produces huge, puffy clouds but also sweet smelling strawberry aroma. People nearby will love that fruity kind of smell. However, the sour is a bit of a secret as only the vaper can experience that.

The Sour Strawberry eliquid comes in two different nicotine levels – 3 mg and 6 mg. The 3 mg of nicotine gives off a subtle hit. This is suitable for those looking for a mellow hit and those who are not comfortable or are used to vaping high nicotine content. The 6 mg version, on the other hand, produces a stronger hit and suitable if the 3 mg of nicotine version is insufficient for you. Both levels, however, produce full-on flavor without any coughing or spluttering because of overpowering nicotine.

This is definitely a perfect all day vape, or even an all-week vape. I have been using this for three straight days now, and so far, I still have not gotten tired of it. It runs smooth and pleasant on the throat, and the flavor is not overwhelming. It does not leave your mouth feeling dry and your throat feeling thirsty.

Another thing I love about this ejuice is that I do not have to ration so I can keep this as long as possible. You know why? Because the price is affordable enough I can possibly have as much as I want. You got that right. A bottle of this Sour Strawberry eliquid from the Sour Flavors collection costs as low as $12.99. Get your own Sour Strawberry vape juice online to get the best eliquid deals.

Overall, this Sour Strawberry eliquid by Cheap E-Juice gets a score of 9 out of 10 across the board. I like the spot on flavor, the high quality ingredients, the excellent vapor and cloud production, the clean packaging, and most importantly, the awesome price tag. Trust me, such premium vape juice quality at this price tag is like finding a needle in a stack of hay. I am highly recommending this to all sweet and sour lovers out there. This is a must try!

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