Captain Jack from Halo

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Once again just like the other flavors that I have reviewed previously on the website Captain Jack came in the Tobacco Sample Pack from Halo. I have some pleasant news to share with you kind folks.
The taste of Captain Jack is mentioned on their website as being a pipe tobacco that is not for the faint of heart. In all honesty I think the flavor is a mixture of pipe tobacco and a subtle hint of honey flavoring that you would find in mead (honey-based alcohol).

Friends that tried this flavor said they couldn’t find the honey flavor but I know it’s there. Captain Jack also presents a little spice that I noticed on the exhale which I find wonderful since I love heat.

The throat hit of Captain Jack is wonderful. I prefer a harsh throat hit and this e-juice delivers exactly what I am looking for. In comparison this e-juice is close to if not above a full flavored cigarette. The spice that I mentioned in the taste seems to enhance the throat hit as well.

The scent from the bottle of Captain Jack is very similar to the flavor however there is a slight floral note. When exhaled your audience can say it smells a little musty but sweet.

Vapor production of this e-liquid is a little lighter than expected from Halo. It seems to be below average in comparison to a cigarette but it does do the job. I noticed that this liquid seems to create more vapor when the atomizer is almost out of the juice, where as other liquids do the opposite. I’m not sure if that’s the liquid itself or if my atomizer needs cleaning.

The packaging of this product is also top notch. Anything shipped from Halo is packed in either a 7ml bottle that is used as a dripper or the 30ml bottle that is made of blue glass. If you do purchase the sample pack which I did you receive a small tin with 6 different flavors, all surrounded by foam to keep the bottles from rolling around.
Captain Jack seems to be another high quality e-liquid from Halo. From the pipe tobacco flavor to the intense throat hit this e-juice is definitely worth the price.

Bottle Sizes: 7ml and 30ml
Cost: $8.49 and $19.99
Nicotine Levels: 0 mg/ml  – 06 mg/ml – 12 mg/ml – 18 mg/ml – 24 mg/ml
Nicotine Level for Review: 24 mg/ml
Test Equipment: eGo Battery / eGo atomizer / drip tip / dripping

Throat Hit 4/5, Vapor Production 2/5, Taste 3/3

Overall 3/5

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