Cafe Mocha from Halo

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This is the newest flavor that I have tried from and I have some positive things to say about this e-liquid.
My fiance purchased a Halo G6 starter kit last week and Halo sent us a sample of the Cafe Mocha.  She kept asking me why they sent us the 10ml bottle since she had ordered something different. 

I went to their website and found that any orders over $20 would receive a free sample of this new e-juice.  She hadn’t even noticed the cartomizers of her chosen flavor because she was so taken by the Cafe Mocha!

The taste is exactly what you expect when reading their website.  It’s almost as if your ingesting a drink from Starbucks in one inhale.  With a fresh puff in a brand new cartomizer you get a very strong sense of cappuccino which they mention on their website as being their base for this liquid. This is fantastic in the taste department because I am addicted to coffee and cappuccino’s.  They also mention subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut and to be honest, they are not far off.

The throat hit on the Cafe Mocha is mild in comparison to some of the liquids I’ve tried before.  This was the first e-juice that my fiance used and it took her a day or two to adjust to the difference between vapor and smoke.  Since I’m use to using full-flavor smokes this is more on the mild side for me.

I know that e-cigs are suppose to be odorless but when exhaling the Cafe Mocha it smells almost identical to the taste which in my opinion is wonderful.  The only issue I have is the scent can be a little over powering when your in a car or a confined space, so make sure that either your windows are open or the scent doesn’t bother anyone around you.  There isn’t anything harmful in the vapor but the scent might offend someone that isn’t use to it.

The vapor that is produced from the Cafe Mocha is above average.  I’m not sure of the cartomizer that I am using is on the outs or not but the vapor isn’t as powerful as the Midnight Apple in my previous review.

Once again, the packaging from Halo is second to none.  This comes in either a plastic 7ml bottle where the bottle itself is the dropper and all you have to do is squeeze the bottle.  The 30ml bottle is a beautiful blue glass that has a cap with a dropper, similar to those in medicine bottle. This makes it extremely easy for you to fill the cartomizers.  My personal preference is to use the dropper from the 30ml bottle to transfer the liquid to the smaller 7ml bottle, making it easier for transportation.

Halo has made a fine product, and one that will not disappoint.  If you enjoy the essence of coffee shops this one is definitely for you!

Bottle Sizes: 7ml and 30ml, free 10ml sample with 20$ or more purchase as off 10/9/12.
Cost: : $8.49 – $19.99
Nicotine Levels: 0 mg/ml  – 06 mg/ml – 12 mg/ml – 18 mg/ml – 24 mg/ml
Nicotine Level for Review: 18 mg/ml
Test Equipment: eGo Battery, 510 atomizer, drip tip, dripping

Throat Hit 3/5, Vapor Production 3/5, Taste 3/5

Overall 3/5

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